Blaze Consumes Phetchaburi Storage Facility, 15 Fire Trucks Dispatched

A significant fire erupted in a warehouse storing plastics and chemicals in Phetchaburi, necessitating the deployment of 15 fire trucks to combat the flames. Initial assessments suggest an electrical short circuit may have triggered the blaze.

Police Colonel Thip Khengkhoom, head of Khao Yoi Police Station in Phetchaburi, coordinated the emergency response at the Universal Flexible Packaging Co., Ltd. warehouse located in Nong Chumphon Subdistrict. The fire, which began yesterday, spread quickly and with great intensity, prompting immediate calls for additional support from nearby emergency units.

Upon reaching the scene, responders encountered a warehouse fully engulfed in severe flames, with thick black smoke billowing into the sky. The facility housed plastic pellets, chemicals, and plastic packaging materials such as plastic bags, which significantly fueled the fire.

Firefighting and rescue teams deployed more than 15 fire trucks, including specialized chemical fire trucks, to address the conflagration. Despite battling the fire for over an hour, the situation remained uncontrolled, necessitating the call for additional chemical fire trucks from neighboring areas.

Preliminary investigations point to an electrical short circuit as the probable cause of the fire. Fortunately, no employees were present in the warehouse when the incident occurred.

Local village headman, Anan Chantharachot, mentioned that initially, there was only a small amount of smoke, but the factory’s refusal to allow immediate intervention by emergency personnel resulted in a rapid spread of the fire. The contents of the warehouse, being highly flammable, exacerbated the situation, as reported by KhaoSod.

As firefighting efforts continued, authorities remained vigilant in preventing further damage and ensuring the safety of surrounding areas. This incident highlights the dangers associated with storing flammable materials and underscores the importance of prompt responses to any signs of potential hazards.

Image source: Khaosod