Explosion in Placer County Mine Shaft Critically Injures Workers

On Friday morning, a mine shaft explosion in Placer County resulted in critical injuries for two workers, officials reported.

The incident occurred around 9:40 a.m. at a mine located on Mosquito Ridge Road within the Tahoe National Forest, as detailed in a news release from the Foresthill Fire Protection District.

Responders from the Foresthill Fire District, Cal Fire, and the U.S. Forest Service quickly arrived at the scene following reports of the explosion. Upon arrival, they discovered two workers with severe injuries. Immediate medical assistance was provided on-site before the injured were transported to a nearby landing zone. From there, they were airlifted to Sutter Roseville Medical Center. No further details about the injured individuals have been released.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the explosion might have been triggered by static electricity from the tools used in the mine, which possibly ignited nearby explosives. The current condition of the mine remains unknown as it has yet to be inspected, according to the Foresthill Fire District.

Federal personnel from the Mine Safety and Health Administration have also arrived to investigate the incident and assess the mine’s safety and operational status.

Foresthill fire officials noted in their release that while mining is a common activity in the area, most operations are small and individually managed claims. They also emphasized that such incidents in Placer County are quite rare.

Image credit: CBS News