Fatal Explosion at Rayong Gas Tank

A fatal incident occurred at the Map Ta Phut Tank Terminal Co Ltd (MTT) in Rayong on Thursday morning, resulting in one casualty due to an explosion and subsequent fire involving a pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) tank.

The emergency response was triggered around 10:45 am when firefighters responded to the scene at the SCG Chemicals Plc (SCGC) terminal, which is affiliated with the Siam Cement Group (SCG).

Reports from SCG indicate that four individuals sustained injuries during the incident and were promptly transported to a nearby hospital. Tragically, one of the injured employees succumbed to their injuries.

In response to the explosion, nearby residents were evacuated, and operations at the terminal were halted.

SCG has initiated efforts to manage the situation and commence an investigation into the root cause of the explosion.

Footage captured at the location depicted a substantial fire engulfing the tank, emitting dense plumes of black smoke.

The affected tank, located within a complex of large tanks, forms part of a commercial port and storage terminal situated in Map Ta Phut Port.

Image credit: Emergency Command of Rayong