Fire Incident Claims Lives at Offshore Platform in Gabon with Worker Still Missing

An unfortunate incident unfolded at Perenco’s Becuna platform located on the Simba field offshore Gabon on March 20, 2024, resulting in a fire outbreak. Initial reports indicated two individuals sustained injuries, while five others were reported missing. Prompt evacuation of the injured workers to the shore was conducted, and unharmed personnel were relocated to a secure area.

Subsequent updates sadly confirmed the loss of five lives and the ongoing search for one missing person. Perenco promptly activated its emergency response protocol, ensuring the containment of the situation and the successful extinguishing of the fire.

Expressing condolences, Perenco conveyed deep regret over the fatalities and the missing individual. Efforts remain concentrated on supporting the affected families and continuing search operations on-site.

Collaboration between Perenco, emergency services, and relevant authorities is underway to provide further details concerning the incident and the missing worker.

Despite concerted safety measures by oil and gas companies for offshore installations, unforeseen accidents, such as the recent tragic helicopter crash in Norway resulting in the loss of a crew member, underscore the persistent risks inherent in such operations.

Image source: Offshore Engineer Magazine