Anguilla Fire and Rescue Service

We recently constructed an Aircraft Training Mock-Up in 2022, to provide Rescue and Fire-Fighting training for Airport Rescue and Fire-Fighting (ARFF) personnel who aspire to achieve advanced training. With a wide array of live fire scenarios, this innovative facility will challenge participants to sharpen their tactics and strategies in dealing with dynamic aircraft emergencies. This training is an indispensable step for ARFF personnel to be better prepared to handle any emergency and offer the following scenarios:

Undercarriage Fires
Engine Fires (both prop and jet)
Tri-Engine Fires
Pool Fires
Fuselage Overhead Fires
Internal Compartment Fires,
Search and Rescue in a Smoke-Filled Environment
Collapse Aircraft (Uneven Surfaces)
Over Wing Entry
Baggage Hold Entry
Fire Screen
Appliance and Media Deployment (conventional and using the High Reach Extendable Turret HRET)