Shandong International Ocean Engineering Training Center

Shandong International Ocean Engineering Training Center ( SIOETC ) , established in 2018, is international standardized safety training center and the first a joint venture corporation among domestic colleges with company. It is located on the coast of Bohai Sea and Laizhou Bay, adjacent to the national first-class open port-Weifang Sime Darby Port. the center combines international advanced training experience, training courses and management experience, meets international multi-organization standard certification, and trains in China to meet global marine engineering industry
customers (offshore oil, wind power, minerals) As well as supporting engineering systems), military, marine, avic, public security, firefighting, emergency rescue organizations, medical security departments, and other related maritime personnel and management personnel, engaged in certification, certification & skills training, and the promotion of marine resources practitioners. Training to improve the safety, environmental protection, and survival skills of personnel at sea, and improve the survival rate of accidents and the success rate of rescue.