JOIFF PPE Handbook

The JOIFF PPE Handbook

The JOIFF Handbook on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect against Heat and Flame was first published in January 2007, following consultation with the JOIFF Membership. It was approved by the Membership and it now forms part of the JOIFF Standard. The JOIFF Handbook was drawn up to provide JOIFF Members with information and background detail to enable them to make informed decisions as to the most suitable type of PPE to provide for their personnel. Information is included to give Purchasers and Users of PPE a greater understanding of the reasons for using PPE, some of the issues relating to PPE, in particular to PPE to protect against heat and flame, and to highlight the importance of selecting the correct type of PPE based on the results of a risk assessment. Due to demand, the Handbook was subsequently made available for free download from this website to all who required such information and detail and it can be downloaded from this link.

Subsequent to the publishing the JOIFF Handbook, JOIFF received comments from a manufacturer clarifying detail about their own product and we are pleased to make this detail available through the following link.

Croatian Edition

During 2007, JOIFF was approached by a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Occupational Safety, Rijeka Polytechnics, Croatia, details in December 2007 edition of The Catalyst available for download from this website, who requested permission to translate the JOIFF Handbook on PPE into the Croatian language. JOIFF was pleased to give this permission on the basis that the Handbook was a direct translation from the original with no changes to the original text which now formed part of the JOIFF Standard. The Croatian edition was published in November 2007 as an official Handbook of the Croatian Professional Firefighters Association and was made available in hard copy throughout Croatia. The Croatian Professional Firefighters Association has sent JOIFF the Croatian edition of the Handbook for free download to Croatian-speaking visitors to the JOIFF website. In February 2008, JOIFF was pleased to welcome the Croatian Professional Firefighters Association as its first Full Member in Croatia.

KERMEL, Colmar, France, a valued Member of JOIFF, is a leading European manufacturer of meta aramid fibres dedicated to heat and flame resistant protective clothing. During 2008, JOIFF was very pleased to accept KERMEL’s generous offer to translate the JOIFF Handbook into the French language so that the very important detail contained in the Handbook can be made available to a much wider audience Worldwide.

The translation process in Kermel was very much a Team effort by KERMEL personnel, which is in the true spirit of Emergency Response. JOIFF extends its sincere thanks to KERMEL and in particular to those persons in the KERMEL Organisation who assisted in the translation of the Handbook. KERMEL is a Corporate Member of JOIFF and its website can be accessed through the links page on this website.