United Airlines Faces Multiple Flight Incidents in Texas This Week

United Airlines encountered a series of flight-related incidents in Texas over the past week, prompting attention and concern.

On Monday, an alarming incident occurred when an engine of one of the airline’s planes caught fire mid-flight. Subsequently, on Thursday, a separate flight faced a perilous situation as it lost a tire during its journey. Additionally, investigations are ongoing regarding a flight grounded in Houston on Friday, adding to the string of unfortunate events.

In response to inquiries made by The National Desk on Friday morning, United Airlines provided details regarding each incident.

The most recent event involved a Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, Flight 2477 originating from Memphis, Tennessee. Upon landing at Houston Airport, the plane veered off the runway, becoming lodged in the soft ground adjacent to it. Fortunately, all 160 passengers and six crew members evacuated safely, without any reported injuries. Video footage captured after the incident depicted the aircraft tilted to one side, with its wing nearly touching the ground. Passengers were efficiently disembarked and transported to the terminal via buses. United Airlines assured that efforts were underway to retrieve passengers’ belongings and expressed gratitude for the crew’s swift response. The airline pledged cooperation with the NTSB, FAA, and Boeing to ascertain the cause of the incident.

Meanwhile, a Boeing 777-200 aircraft encountered a tire malfunction during takeoff from San Francisco, en route to Japan, on Thursday. Despite the unsettling occurrence, the flight managed to make a safe emergency landing in Los Angeles. Notably, one of the six tires on the left-side main landing gear assembly became dislodged shortly after takeoff. The detached tire descended onto an employee parking lot at San Francisco International Airport, colliding with a parked car and causing damage before coming to rest in a neighboring area.

In light of these incidents, United Airlines faces scrutiny and the imperative to address concerns regarding flight safety and operational protocols.

Image source: NBC