Explosion and Ammonia Release Cause Injuries to 160 People in Thailand

An explosion resulting in the release of ammonia resulted in injuries to 160 individuals on April 18 in Chon Buri province, located in eastern Thailand. The incident occurred at an ice manufacturing facility, causing ammonia to spread beyond the immediate vicinity and affect individuals within a one-kilometre radius.

The explosion at the Banglamung Ice Plant occurred at approximately 11:36 PM local time. Upon arrival at the scene, rescue teams discovered over 100 individuals suffering from ammonia exposure at the facility. Additionally, numerous local residents were affected as the ammonia cloud dispersed into nearby areas.

As a precautionary measure, the local area was evacuated, and many of the injured were promptly transported to nearby hospitals. Nine individuals were reported to be in critical condition due to the severity of their injuries.

Eyewitnesses in the vicinity reported hearing a loud explosion followed by the emergence of dark smoke from the factory, prompting workers to evacuate. Many individuals experienced symptoms such as irritated eyes and respiratory issues after inhaling ammonia.

By the morning of April 19, emergency responders had successfully shut off all ammonia valves at the facility and initiated water dousing procedures to mitigate any remaining ammonia. In total, 160 individuals sustained injuries as a result of the incident.

Image credit: Pattaya Mail