Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) – you are invited to join the FFS big flow demo – September 11th and 12th 2019 in Åmål, Sweden.

Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) is the leading designer, maker and supplier of complete systems of external firefighting.

Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) provide complete packages comprising all services and equipment exclusive piping required for all installations onboard tugs, offshore vessels, fireboats and work boats in accordance with all class requirements.

Building on their world renown reputation for highest quality and innovative fire solutions Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) also provide complete systems of onshore firefighting on tank farms, refineries, industrial plants etc.

With a team of highly skilled engineers located in Norway and in Singapore. And our production and logistics centre is located in Åmål, Sweden Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) are able to provide the highest level of professionalism and customer service.

Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) are focused on up to date design and engineering in order to provide the most competitive and best performing systems in the market. Our target is to be the best alternative for the customer’s bottom line in the long perspective.

Our product range comprises pumps with drivers, gearboxes, fire water monitors, foam mixers, deluge systems, remote control systems and all related equipment for a complete package.

For land based systems we have developed a range of trailer mounted monitors and pump packages. Special foam mixing solutions and lift pump included.

Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) BIG FLOW EVENT

To experience the land based systems Fire Fighting Systems (FFS) can offer you are invited to to join the FFS big flow demo at our premises on September 11th and 12th 2019 in Åmål, Sweden.

The event will include a guided tour of our factory with demo of test station as well as presentation of all our products and systems and capabilities at Vänern lake.

The big flow systems demo will include our 83.000 lpm/22.000 GPM monitor.

Other FFS made equipment like pumps with drivers, monitor mounted trailers, foam mixers and various other monitors and nozzles will be demonstrated with full capacity. Our control system department will show potential options for remote operation.

We will also take care of food, beverages and hotel as we expect you to stay overnight to take full advantage of the visit.

If you wish to join us & accept this invitation, we ask you kindly to notify us by email to [email protected]

Please inform flight number with ETA and number of persons so we can arrange transport and make hotel reservation.