Gas Explosion in Mongolia Kills 6, Injures 14

A gas explosion resulting from a vehicle accident claimed six lives and injured 14 others in Mongolia’s capital on Wednesday, according to local authorities.

The incident occurred when a truck transporting 60 tons of liquified natural gas (LNG) collided with a car and detonated in the early hours, as reported by the Mongolian National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on its website.

“According to preliminary results, three people died in the fire,” NEMA said on its website, adding three firefighters had also been killed while 14 people had been sent for medical treatment.

Of the injured, ten were treated for burns, while a child received treatment for poisoning, and three infants were under medical care.

Rescue teams responded promptly to the scene and managed to extinguish the fire, the agency added.

Photos posted by NEMA depicted emergency services combating the fire early in the morning with large flames engulfing the street.

The images also showed the charred remains of two vehicles and extensive street damage, including shattered windows at a nearby school.

Residents from a nearby apartment building were temporarily evacuated, NEMA said. Roads in the vicinity were closed as cleanup operations were underway.

US Ambassador to Mongolia Richard Buangan expressed his sorrow over the tragic event.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the families and colleagues of the NEMA staff members who lost their lives in this devastating event,” he said on social media platform X.

Similarly, the EU’s ambassador to Mongolia, Axelle Nicaise, expressed her shock and devastation regarding the incident.

Image credit: AFP