JOIFF Accreditation To Lukoil Corporative Training Centre – Russia Has Been Renewed renewed

Lukoil Corporative Training Centre,

Astrakahn, Russian Federation

LUKOIL is one of the largest oil and gas vertical integrated companies in the world. Lukoil Corporative Training Centre in Astrakhan, Russia is a JOIFF Member Organisation and a JOIFF accredited Training Establishment for emergency responders. During September 2019, following an audit, the award of JOIFF accreditation to Lukoil Corporative Training Centre was renewed.

Following the JOIFF accreditation audit, Gerry Johnson, JOIFF Director of Standards of Training and Competence presenting of the JOIFF Certificate of Accreditation to Ekaterina Khapugina, (middle) Deputy Director Lukoil Corporative Training Centre. On her right is Vitaly Baranov AMJOIFF