JOIFF Shared Learning Webinar Fire Fighter Safety, Health, Communication & Data Analytics

As part of the continuing JOIFF Shared Learning Series of free webinars our next webinar will be on the 28th April at 14h00 – 15h00 London time.

Agenda for Webinar on Fire Fighter Safety, Health, Communication & Data Analytics

Subjects that will be covered include:

– Firefighter Safety Technology Updates –
– Firefighter Hygiene R&D –
– Communication – On The Scene & Remote Data Analytics –


Mohamed Elagrab

Senior Global Product Line Manager – M1 SCBA

Mohamed has nearly 20 years international experience in Respiratory Protection and related PPE – and is based out of MSA design centre in Berlin, Germany. He has closely worked with First Responders in various industries to develop and customize supplied air solutions including challenging sour oil and gas fields applications.

Mohamed has been supporting the activities of the ASSE – American society of Safety Engineers since 2006 and since 2011; is a member of JOIFF – the International Organization for Industrial Emergency Response and participated in creating JOIFF’s Confined Space Guideline.

Kevin Tomkins

Senior Field Sales Manager

Kevin Tomkins joined MSA in 2009. He graduated from Cheltenham & Gloucester College and is now MSA’s First Responder Specialist in the UK and Ireland. With his extensive knowledge and expertise in both Marketing and Sales, Kevin remains more passionate than ever about each project he undertakes and is highly dedicated to his customers in the Fire and Rescue Service in the UK & Ireland. Thanks to his great team spirit and his valuable experience with firefighters, Kevin has also been involved in many international product developments at MSA, such as the M1 UK SCBA.


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