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You are invited to join the Free JOIFF Online Shared Learning Seminar on the challenges faced by The End User On The Transition To Flourine Foams.
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Programme For the next JOIFF Shared Learning Online SME Seminar – Foam Transition
July 21st 2020. 14h00 – 15h30 GMT
JOIFF Shared Learning Online Seminars Presents: Dr Ian Ross & Peter Storch – FOAM – “Combining Fire and Environmental Engineering for Successful Transition to Fluorine Free Foams”

Date: JULY 21st 2020
Time: 14h00 – 15h30 GMT

Session 1 – 14h00 hrs GMT: 30 mins -What’s all the PFUSS about? – Ian Ross

Introduction to PFAS – PFacronyms
Why An Issue, Simple Explanations Of Persistence, Mobility, Toxicity, Bioaccumulation
History Of Concerns
PFAS In The News
PFAS Liabilities
PFAS In Firefighting Foams -Why An Issue, Cost To Clean Up, Liabilities
C8 vs C6
Sectors Who Have Transitioned

10 Minute Break

Session 2 – 14h40 Hrs GMT: 30 mins Fire Testing, Regulations, Treatment and Disposal of Foams – Ian Ross

Which Foams Contain PFAS (Class B) -AFFF, FFFP, FP

Regulatory Advances On Foams containing PFAS

Fire Hazard Management

Fire Testing, Compliance With Regulations – No Drop In Replacement

Regular Equipment Testing & Training With F3 Foams

Disposal Of Spent AFFF, FFFP, FP

10 Minute Break

Session 3 – 15h20 GMT: 30 mins -Foam Transition Example Projects – Peter Storch and Ian Ross

US DoD Foam Cleanout Project

Challenges To Overcome – Decontamination, Meeting Code, Equipment Changes, Insurance

Examples of Foam Changeout Projects

Seminar Q & A

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