International Organisation for Industrial Emergency Services Management

JOIFF Membership

Full Members of JOIFF are organisations which are engaged in industry and/or have nominated personnel as emergency responders/hazard management team members who provide cover to industrial organisations. Commercial members of JOIFF are organisations that supply goods and/or services to Industry, primarily High Hazard Industry. There is an annual membership fee payable by JOIFF members.

Membership of JOIFF offers the following:

JOIFF Shared Learning network

All JOIFF member nominees are included in the JOIFF Shared Learning network.

The Catalyst

JOIFF’s quarterly magazine The Catalyst is a major source of information on important matters relating to emergency services management. Copies are available on line from the JOIFF website when published and a “hard copy” of each edition of The Catalyst is mailed to each JOIFF member free of charge.

JOIFF Events

JOIFF organises Shared Learning Conferences, Summits, online Seminars of short duration with subject matter experts on specific subjects across the range of Emergency Services Management. Membership Benefits include free registration for all JOIFF Shared Learning Conferences, Summits and online events.

JOIFF Website

Copies of papers presented at JOIFF Shared Learning Conferences and other events are posted in the Members Area of the JOIFF website primarily for JOIFF members who cannot attend in person. JOIFF holds Shared Learning webcasts of short duration with subject matter experts on specific subjects with the facility to send in questions and receive answers live. JOIFF Guidelines on Good Industry Practice are available to members in the Members Area for free download and the Members Area includes an open Members Forum where members can raise issues that they would like to see discussed amongst the membership on-line.

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