Mold Facility Incident: Synthite Releases Statement

Emergency services responded to an incident at a chemical plant on Denbigh Road in Mold on Tuesday afternoon, marked by multiple explosions. Nearby residents were advised to keep windows and doors closed as a precaution.

Throughout May 1st, fire services remained on-site, and a portion of the A541 Denbigh Road near the facility was closed.

Synthite issued an official statement regarding the incident. According to a spokesperson, on Tuesday, April 30, at 2:06pm, they notified emergency services about a fire at the Mold site on Denbigh Road. The fire was contained within a production area and adjacent storage. No chemicals were released during or after the incident, and air monitoring was ongoing. Since the fire was contained and no chemicals were released, the emergency siren was not activated.

One employee received treatment for shock and was discharged from the hospital later that evening.

The spokesperson added that operations at the site have been paused pending clearance from the fire service. He added that they commended their staff for promptly alerting authorities and ensuring the safe evacuation of all personnel and shutdown of plant operations. “We appreciate the understanding of local residents and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

A joint investigation with the fire service to determine the fire’s cause will begin in due course.

Image credit: Rhyl Journal